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      Composite Wear Products: Belt Scraper BladesPOLY-SLIDE BARS®  •  Impact Bars               
    Our belt scraper blades are made from a combination of wear resistant composite material and natural rubber. The blade consists of three layers, each layer being 1/2 inch thick. The two outer layers are a proprietary blend of rubber and polyethylene with a durometer of 90 to 95. The inner core is a natural rubber with a durometer of 35. The outer layers perform the scraping function while the inner core acts as a squeegee.

  Belt Scraper Blades   The three layers are fused together in 48 by 72-inch sheets in a high compression press with heated platens and computerized control systems. The belt scraper blades are cut to size in heights up to 10 inches and lengths up to 72 inches.

Belt Scraper Blades

     The belt scraper blade has many applications above and below ground. Any company using belts to convey material will benefit through the use of this product.

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