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A Manufacturer Serving the Bulk Materials Handling Industry

      Composite Wear Products : Impact Bars  POLY-SLIDE BARS®  •  Belt Scraper Blades

     Industrial Composites is a manufacturer of conveyor components for the bulk materials handling industry. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), rubber, and steel are utilized in manufacturing composite wear products in various sizes and configurations designed to meet our customer's requirements. These composite wear materials are incorporated into our impact bars, POLY-SLIDE BARS®, and belt scraper blades.

Composite Wear Products     A 1730 ton compression press, steam-heated platens, and computerized control systems are employed in the manufacture of the composite wear products. These composite wear products utilize proprietary formula technology developed by The BFGoodrich Company and licensed by Industrial Composites.

     Our composite wear products are manufactured and marketed with a view toward the customer's planned use, whether it be an above-ground application, a below-ground application (MSHA approved), or an application which demands anti-static properties.


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