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A Manufacturer Serving the Bulk Materials Handling Industry

      Nova-Roll™ Idlers

      Industrial Composites has been manufacturing idlers for materials handling since 1988.  Our idler's construction features a 9 gauge steel shell surrounded by a 1/2 inch thick jacket of high Nova-Roll™ Idlersdensity polyethylene. Lubricated-for-life, seize-resistant ball bearings mounted on a 25mm cold-drawn steel shaft are situated well within the confines of the idler's bearing housing.  A labyrinth seal, double-lip seal, retainer ring, and dust cover protect the bearings from grit, dirt, and other abrasive substances.  Should abrasive material penetrate the sealed system, the ball bearings are designed to roll over, crush, mill and eject the abrasive substance.

Nova-Roll™ Idlers

      Idlers manufactured by Industrial Composites are unique to the industry in that the shaft ends of the idler may be configured to retrofit most existing support structures and are the ultimate design to promote resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Nova-Roll™ Idlers
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      Industrial Composites also manufactures a standard steel idler which uses the same high performance steel shaft and bearing assembly system.

Distinct Advantages:

· A technological breakthrough for application of plastic over steel for bulk conveying roller systems.
· New standards of abrasion and corrosion resistance.
· "Belt flutter" essentially eliminated since plastic covers are machined to make idlers precisely concentric.
· Fitting all manufacturers' frames in belt sizes 18 inches through 84 inches.
· All CEMA standards are met or exceeded.
· Sophisticated bearing protection system - high impact molded nylon housing, interior grease seals, labyrinth and double lip seals, neoprene dust cover.
· True and correct belt tracking even under wet conditions and when weight loads across belt width are not evenly distributed.
· Temperature range for operation: from -58 to +212 degrees Fahrenheit for the standard roller. Varying ranges with other plastics.
· Should a roller jam, the polyethylene coating serves as a slide for the conveyor belt preventing costly belt damage.
· Lubricated-for-life ball bearings eliminate need for a periodic lubrication program.


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