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      Support Structures NOVA-VEYOR®

NOVA-VEYOR® Kwick-Frame Standard™  NOVA-VEYOR® Kwick-Frame Circular

      Today, more and more operators are replacing standard and/or impact rollers with impact bars at transfer points. These impact bars are typically installed on slider beds to reduce belt wear and to control spillage, thus reducing maintenance costs.  Skirt board sealing systems are more effective when in contact with a belt supported by continuous bars rather than rollers.

ndustrial Composites introduced the patented NOVA-VEYOR® in 1998. It has had great acceptance by the bulk materials handling industry.

     The NOVA-VEYOR® slider bed support structures are spaced to accommodate belt width, type and size of material, and length of slider bed.  The NOVA-VEYOR® may be shipped "Knocked Down" for easy installation. The NOVA-VEYOR® structure is slotted to facilitate fast and easy replacement of either our impact bars or POLY-SLIDE BARS®. Downtime is minimized. NOVA-VEYOR® slider bed widths range from 18 to 96 inches. Due to its unique design, NOVA-VEYOR® slider beds may be specified in any length.

Degree of trough may be the same throughout or in increments of degree from lead end to exit end as required by the customer.  In some instances, a wooden mock-up has been constructed to insure customer's requirements are met.

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